Skid button and slide blocks are mainly used for walking beam furnaces and steel-pushing furnaces in metallurgical industry. We are the earliest enterprise to develop and produce packing blocks for furnaces in China, and our products have been used in more than ten large-sized steel & iron companies in China such as the Baosteel Group, the Shougang Group, the Anshan Iron & Steel Group, Wuhan Iron & Steel Corp. and so on for long time, and have been sold to the “CHUGAI RO CO.,LTD” of Japan and the “Stein-Heurtey Company” of France. The products are mainly made of KCo51, KCo50, KCo40, KCo20, Cr28Ni48Si2W5, Cr25Ni31WnbRe, Cr25Ni20Si2, SCH13, etc.



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