Cast artificial joint products mainly include cast hip joints, cast knee joints, and corresponding operating instruments, etc. Through ten-odd years of trial-manufacture, development and production, rough cobalt-based alloy artificial joints have become one of our symbol products. The company has established the enterprise standard (Q/CPCHJ001-2005) as its internal control standard, whose indicators are higher than those of the industry standard, and the products’ chemical compositions and performances have been up to or beyond the requirements of ASTM and ISO standards. We are currently supplying products and providing services for more than 20 artificial joint producers in China, and has started to export its products to European and American countries. Our products are well accepted for their good quality and performance.

Beijing Changhang Investment Casting Co., Ltd. is ready to cooperate with enterprises of artificial joints and biological medical products, so that we can constantly improve the performances and quality level of various artificial joints and operating instruments with joint efforts, bringing benefits to patients suffering from osteoarthropathia.



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